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Hours: 11:30 AM-10:00 PM

"World travel and its pleasures; Items brought back from different places for decors; great stories shared with others and very importantly, some simple, yet delicious recipes from different cultures. Our mission is humble. It is simply for people coming to our restaurant, to be transported around the world, and to travel with us for an evening, to a place of well-being and happiness." 

Bleu Bohème is designed to create a feeling of France's past generations. It mixes the Bohemian and Artistic free spirited Left Bank of Paris with the roots and tradition of the Rural Areas. Bleu Bohème is a neighborhood restaurant that serves accessible, affordable and comforting French Cuisine. Our food is traditional and our menu has influences from all regions of France. Our menu reflects traditional and seasonal Bistro Food as well as Country Classics, prepared and served by a very friendly staff. Bleu Bohème's ambiance is warm, with decor inspired by our Bohemian personality.

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