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Bandar is best known for its use of fresh healthy ingredients and bold complex flavors from the classic to the contemporary. Its delectable dishes, elegant architecture and warm ambience have helped to make Bandar a staple in San Diego fine dining for more than a decade.

Now in its tenth year, Bandar has garnered hundreds of excellent reviews and awards, and it’s no surprise that it has become known as Southern California's most elegant Persian restaurant.

Persian cuisine is exotic, healthy, and combination of rice and filet mignon beef, lamb, chicken, fish, garlic, onion, vegetables, nuts, pomegranate, and herbs.

To achieve a delicious taste and a balanced diet unique Persian spices such as saffron, limes and different vegetables are mixed delicately, Persian food fits perfectly with today's lightened eating style.

From cultural point of view Persian food has always been considered to be an art providing enjoyment to both body and mind.

The techniques have been passed down generation to generation.

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