Sizzling Meats that Scintillate the Senses

Tue, 23rd Aug 2016

If the sound of sizzling meat gets you excited, you're not alone, as evidenced by the many dining joint patrons that whip their heads around at the aroma, sight and crackling sound of a sizzling dish passing by the tables. We can't cover them all in one blog post, so where's your spot?

Turf Supper Club - Golden Hill

Late night dining sizzles at the Turf Supper Club in Golden Hill. I love the retro feel and historical San Diego vibe of this joint, from the vintage decor, and stiff cocktails, to the killer jukebox, and of course, the sound of sizzling meat on a grill. This is the dining joint to hit up for late night dining with friends, keeping the good times rolling as you grill your own meat. Grilling aficionado's flock here; ready to grill up the tasty menu options such as the 16 oz Ribeye Delmonico, 8 oz Filet Mignon or even a large Portobello Mushroom for you veggie heads out there. Tip: this fun and happening dining joint gets very crowded on the weekends.

Hacienda Casa Blanca - El Cajon

Hacienda Casa Blanca is a colorful Mexican restaurant in El Cajon sizzling with the flavors of Mexican cuisine, and what's not to like about that! Order the Fajitas, a sizzling plate of savory goodness featuring steak, chicken or shrimp (or all three!) cooked with fresh bell peppers, tomatoes, onions and special seasonings. Add a stiff Cadillac margarita and you can't help but get into the festive mood. 

OB Noodle House - Ocean Beach

One perfect way to end the day in Ocean Beach is with a visit to the OB Noodle House. Since we're talking about sizzling meals, we get to talk about one of my go-to dishes here, the Sizzling Fish. Served on a cast iron dish, with garlic, shallots, green onion and cilantro on top, the Sizzling Fish dish is the perfect cure to settle those after-beach hunger pains. That said, it's good anytime and since you're in OB, may as well add a couple of San Diego craft beers, too!

Sizzling Pot King - Kearny Mesa

Step inside Sizzling Pot King and you can hear and smell the tastefully aromatic Chinese food sizzling on the dining tables. The Kearny Mesa Sizzling Pot King serves mostly spicy, heaping portions in dry hot pots, offering us San Diegans a unique take on the Chinese food experience. As with many Chinese food joints, you get to pick your meat (some exotic flavors), spice level and accompanying menu options. Bring along a friend and try the medium pot with your choice of meat. You'll find meats you don't normally see in a restaurant such as griddle cooked pork ear, pork stomach, snails, bullfrog and duck head, but you can always opt for something more familiar to western taste buds such as grilled cooked chicken, beef and crab. 

This story was posted on Tue, 23rd Aug 2016

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