Exotic Dining Joints in San Diego: Hunting Made Easier

Thu, 2nd Jun 2016

On the hunt for exotic dining joints in San Diego? So are we, so we sent our game hunt expedition team out onto the streets of San Diego, on a quest to find joints serving exotic meats and meals that go beyond your comfort zone. Hang on to your headwear, prepare your fangs and chompers, and enjoy the ride as we guide you to some of these exotic dining joints in San Diego. Where's your spot? 

The Lions Share - San Diego

You'll roar with excitement over the exotic meats found at The Lions Share. Vegetarians hate this place and for good reason - it's a carnivore's delight! For instance, where else can you order a Rabbit Hand Pie, featuring braised rabbit, duck fat and carrot puree or Tacos de Lengua, exotic tongue tacos featuring lamb, queso fresco, and their super tasty Calabrian-Poquilla salsa. Those in the know rave about their Deviled Eggs, with espellette, caviar, truffle, prosciutto and quail confit, these deviled eggs are exotic and oh so good! The dining experience is enhanced even further thanks to an impressive list of cocktails, hard alcohol (Absinthe!), San Diego craft beers on draft, and a cool vibe that begs you to try your lions share of the menu. 

S & M Sausage and Meat - University Heights

Don't let the name scare you away, after all, in this case, S & M stands for sausage and meat! Meat lover's flock to S & M Sausage and Meat, for good reason - this meat-focused eatery does not waste too many parts of any animal, particularly porky pig! Grab a group of friends and share a plate of fried pig ears and fried belly pork bites while perusing the meat-centric menu. The impressive menu features exotic main courses such as Beer Braised Oxtail, featuring oxtail, herb ricotta polenta, crushed chicharones (yes!) and baja olive oil, and the Elk/Pork Muenster Meatloaf, a hearty meal featuring pineapple chipotle BBQ, fried onion and sour cream cheddar mashed potatoes. Tip: live music on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as well as plenty of cocktails that include a fabulous strip of bacon with each drink! 

Tip Top Meats and European Delicatessen - Carlsbad

Get your German taste buds on at Tip Top Meats and European Delicatessen, where you can expect plenty of food portions, whatever you choose to order. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served and you'll find dishes you don't normally find in many dining joints such as Rouladen, a round steak stuffed with bacon, pickle, onion and mustard meal that comes with a heaping dose of mashed potatoes and gravy, red cabbage, sauerkraut, soup or salad and a dinner roll. Other German favorites include Liver and Onions and the Veal Crdon Bleu, milk fed veal filled with their own black forest ham and imported Swiss cheese covered with hollandaise sauce. 

Crazee Burger - North Park

You've got to be crazy (pun intended) not to try one of the exotic meat burgers at Crazee Burger in North Park. Your taste buds will go wild over the exotic burger selections such as the Camel Burger, a 6-ounce Camel meat patty topped with Moroccan curry hollandaise sauce that tastes as exotic as it sounds. Try the Gator burger, a 6-ounce alligator meat burger topped with curry fruit tapenade or get your head out of the sand and order the flavorful Ostrich burger, a lean Ostrich meat burger with lemon chive cream sauce. Bonus points for their craft beer selection featuring some of San Diego's finest craft beers. 

This story was posted on Thu, 2nd Jun 2016

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