Cross the Road to these Chicken Wing Hot Spots

Wed, 7th Dec 2016

Perhaps the chicken crossed the road to get into a chicken wing hot spot, certainly sounds like some weird, cannibalistic, zombie-like thought, but you never know, maybe. Hit up one of these chicken wing hot spots, alone or with some friends, and discuss this topic, over a few beers and a dozen or so of the best tasting chicken wings doused in your favorite flavor - from mild to blow-the-lid-off-your-head wild. 


The Draft - Oceanside
Watching sports and eating chicken wings go hand-in-hand. At the Draft in Oceanside, you get the best of both worlds - over 43 big screen TVs to watch sports and up to 15 signature flavors of perfectly cooked chicken wings. Favorite flavors include Buffalo Mild, Garlic Parmesan, Thai Chili, Sunset BBQ and Wings on Fire, the latter of which will have you pounding a pint of beer in record time, in order to douse the heat! Tip: Wing Wednesday features 50-cent wings, couple that with over 30 beers on tap and you've got the cure for the mid-week blues. 

Dirty Birds - Pacific Beach
Don't worry, the chicken wings at Dirty Birds are anything but dirty, that is, unless dirty means extra-good to you. At Dirty Birds, you can choose from over 33 flavors, ranging from the traditional Buffalo style to the Bangkawk BBQ, Dirty Birds' own creation featuring hot and spicy BBQ with a slight mustard kick that makes your mouth water. If you feel like cheating death, try the Ghost Wing hot wings, an ultra-hot concoction made with Ghost Chilis. Forget the milk; there are plenty of beers on tap to cool you off, maybe...

Phuong Trang - Kearny Mesa Convoy Area
Crispy, juicy, and a unique Vietnamese twist on Chicken Wings make Phuong Trang a San Diego chicken wing hot spot. Yes, it's on Convoy street and it is a Vietnamese Restaurant, that said, try the Garlic Wings with butter, featuring a sprinkling of jalapeños topped with fried garlic that makes the wait worth it. The extra buttery taste comes from wings injected with a bit of liquid buttery goodness. Pair the wings with a Stone IPA and enjoy yourself.

 Royal Mandarin - National City
Don't trip out that this San Diego chicken wing hot spot is actually a Chinese food dining joint in National City. Not too sure about the Chinese food here, but the Salt and Pepper Wings are enough reason for you to seek out Royal Mandarin. Tip: It's a Chinese food dining joint, so steer clear if you're not into MSG. 





This story was posted on Wed, 7th Dec 2016

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