Pleasing your Palette with Pizza is Priceless!

Mon, 26th Oct 2015

For most of us, our love affair with pizza begins early in life. One bite into your first slice of pizza and you're hooked. The pleasing aroma of melted mozzarella cheese, the tangy or sweet sauce smeared on your mouth, mixed in with your favorite toppings has a way of setting off endorphins with each mouth-to-slice contact. Thing is, when it comes to pizza, there is not one definitive style. Deep dish Chicago Style, New York Style, Sicilian, Neapolitan, Coal fired, wood fired - it's a long list worthy of exploring for any Dining Joint lover. Don't be fooled by the "major-chain" style of pizza - those with discerning taste know the difference!

Ahh, New York City - home of glitz, glamour, style and of course, pizza. The New York Style pizza is a hand-tossed, thin-crust pizza that is usually light on the tomato sauce, yet heavy with flavor. If it's made right, it's the type of pizza where you should be able to fold the slice in half, and devour the whole, delicious slice - crust and toppings included. Bronx Pizza in Hillcrest is as close to New York style as you're gonna get in San Diego. Super crispy slices are served hot and tasty, with a little East Coast attitude to go with your order.

Another variation on the thin-crust pizza style is the Neapolitan style, a small pizza made in a wood-burning oven. Its puffy, lip end crust provides the tasty border for a pie topped with fresh ingredients on top of a tasty tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese. Social Life Pizza in Rolando features a delectable Neapolitan style Margherita pie with salami that is made just right - chewy and slightly charred pie with flavors bursting at the seams.

When you want to go deep, delve deep into a hearty, deep-dish pizza pie. Chicago may stake claim to being the originator of this baked-in-a-round-steel-pan pizza pie, but Chicago Bros Pizzeria in Mission Valley is making a true believer out of Chicago transplants. While the Masterpiece may take up to 45 minutes to prepare, it's worth it once you cut into a crunchy-on-the-outside, soft on the inside crust, sauce-rich, filled-to-the-rim toppings slice and place the fork (yes, forks are recommended) into your mouth.

 Coal-fired pizza is considered by many to be a healthier pizza pie. Don't let the word "healthy" keep you from trying out coal-fired pizza. Even fan's of greasy, cheese-fall-off-the-slice pizza will appreciate the rich and unique flavors offered at The Privateer Coal Fired Pizza in Oceanside. Cooked in a brick-oven, The Privateer offers unique pizza creations such as The Captain Fin, a coal-fired pizza topped with clam chowder, bacon, thinly-sliced potato and provolone cheese. For simpler, back-to-the-basics coal fired pizza, check out URBN in North Park, Encinitas, or Vista locations.

This story was posted on Mon, 26th Oct 2015

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